Heart Surgery

Listen to the debut album by the Put Outs!

Who are the put outs?


Based out of Portland, Oregon, the Put Outs are a rock n’ roll duo band with a focus on writing songs about douchebag characters with original lyrics and melodies that will effectively pull on your heart strings.


Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics/ Mark Freifeld

Vocals, Drums, Toy Accordion, Cowbell/ Robin Anderson



Upcoming shows to be announced! Stay tuned!

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Heart Surgery Album Info

The debut album “Heart Surgery” by the Put Outs was released on January 16th, 2019 via Bandcamp. The album was mixed and recorded by Mitchell Dries of NOW! Recording. He has produced for bands like Gossip, The Milwaukie Talkies, and Blesst Chest. After completion of recording, the band took the final mixes to John Neff (chief sound engineer for David Lynch and Julee Cruise).